Digging the first garden bed down. I’m trying to dig out 12 inches of dirt. I will lay down some brown organic material (dead palm tree fronds) at the bottom and fill it back with a mixture of the native dirt and organic planting material. 

Coconut flour pizza Results


Here is our first pizza made with coconut flour. My wife really enjoyed it. I think the crust was just a little to dry. This does happen when cooking with coconut flour. I think I’ll try this a couple more times in the future adding different wet ingredients until I get it just right or give up. 

10 Steps To Get Started Gardening

Some good advice here about starting a garden.

Independently Happy Kids

It seems the topic that other parents seek my advice about the most is gardening. Some have a dream of being self sustainable, while others simply want their kids to have the experience of raising plants for a lesson in science. They see my garden and think, “That would be great to have,” for whatever reason, but when it comes time to actually move in the direction to do it, it seems just about all of them have gotten overwhelmed or they find they don’t really know where to start.

The reason is because they are over complicating it. They are thinking about the end result: the whole garden, which is good… you need to be able to visualize it… but they’re forgetting that any great long term goal is achieved by breaking it up into smaller, manageable, short term goals, the very first (and most important) of which needs…

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To Do List

Well it’s time to put together the to do list. 

1) Pick a watering system

2 ) Build the watering system

3) Test the soil for mineral deficiencies 

4) Start a compost pile

5) Improve the existing soil with store bought materials for now

6) Plan a size and layout for the garden beds and placement of compost pile

7) Pick the first winter crop (I’m leaning towards broccoli for starters)

8) Do some Youtube research for Arizona Gardening Tips

Well, since it’s still hot out right now, I’m gonna start with list item #8. Speaking of youtube. I may put together a channel and post some videos of the project as it progresses.